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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WFMW Recycling More of Your Trash

I am a staunch recyler. I have done a lot of it in my day and I found some product wrappers are just hard to recycle so I thought this topic would be good for "Works For Me Wednesday" . I like to say "My husband can't breath hear the garbage with a beer bottle in hand before I snatch it from his hand and recycle the botttle". I often wonder how much trash goes into the garbage when it should be in the recycling bin in peoples homes. I decided to share my knowledge and make a list. There are many things which just can't be recycled and I try to avoid buying foods and items in that type of packaging. If you flip the item upside down or look on the back you can see if it has a triangle recyling symbol on it and you can be more proactive in buying recyclable products.
See my Backwards question near the end of my post!

Here is my list.


Aerosol cans-empty
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil-clean without food residue

Beverage cans
Cake mix-box only

Cans-of all kinds
Cardboard-all types as long as they are not wax coated(vegetable boxes)
Cereal boxes-remove lining
Clam shell packaging-if it has the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle triangle
Cleaning products-containers should be rinsed out
Computer paper
Egg cartons-cardboard only

Frosting-clean out
Frozen Juice Carton-metal ends only

Glass bottles and jars
Glass cosmetic bottles

Grocery bags-plastics can go to store collection sites too!
Juice bottles-plastic & glass only, not cartons
Junk mail
Laundry soap bottles-rinse out
Milk bottles-plastic only, not cartons

Paper bags
Paper towel rolls

Phone books
Plastic bottles
Tin cans

Tissue boxes
Toilet paper rolls

Used envelopes
Wrapping paper

NOT Recyclable:

Asceptic packaging-Broth cartons, drink cartons, etc
Coffee filters
Drink cartons
Foil cans like the ones nuts come in
Food contaminated boxes, wrappers, etc
Juice cartons
Juice drink squeezable packaging
Milk cartons
Plastics with no triangle recycle symbol
Soy milk cartons

Some of the non-recylable items can actually be put in a compost bin:
Coffee filters
Food wrappers-paper only

So my question for the Backwards WFMW is:
What recycling do you do that involves post consumer waste that I have not listed here?
If you think of any I missed, please post them to comments and I will add them to my post.

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