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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WFMW Great Deals at a Small Grocer!

Here is my "Works For Me Wednesday" post!
In this economy I beleive as they say "all economics is local".

I have vowed to shop as locally as posible to support small business. It also helps cut energy consuption by using local business.

I have been shopping at a small chain that is individually owned. It is callled Grocery Outlet. There is a map on the site to see if there is a store near you!

The owners belong to a buying group and that is how they are able to be small but offer big buy savings. Lots of time the stuff is short dated or discontinued merchandise but it is always cheaper than full retail. I have bought 16 oz. cans of diced peaches(national brand) for .25, 4 pks of cranberry juice(not cocktail!) for .99, 4 oz. plain yogurt cups for .10 each and many more deals!

There is probably a store near you too. Save some money! Help your family and better yet! Support your local economic situation and neighbors! Buy local!

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  1. Well there are none near me, but what a great find for you!


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